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Oksimer has started to provide service as hyperbaric oxygen treatment center in 1998. Since it was established, Oksimer has been treating thousands of patients with sicknesses of non-healing wound, osteitis , diabetic foot, sudden vision loss, sudden hearing loss and carbon monoxide poisoning all over Turkey.

HBO Therapy is to breathe %100 Oxygen in a closed pressure chamber with more than 1ATA pressure (1 ATA = Atmosphere absolute = 760 mm Hg). Depending pressure chamber type, oxygen can be given to patients from ambient, mask or endotracheal tube.
It is the center that offers a real medical approach to health problems related to foot health with specialized medical team in the field.
The amateur diving examination begins with the anamnesis (diary candidate's health curriculum vitae). This is the most important step of the amateur diving exam according to some authorities.

In professional divers, in addition to the amateur diving examination, a survey of the osteonecrosis of the area is required.
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