About Us

Oksimer Private Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center

Oksimer has started to provide service as hyperbaric oxygen treatment center in 1998. Since it was established, Oksimer has been treating thousands of patients with sicknesses of non-healing wound, osteitis , diabetic foot, sudden vision loss, sudden hearing loss and carbon monoxide poisoning all over Turkey.

After Marmara Earthquakes in August and October 1999, more than 100 earthquake victims has been treated successfully. Besides these, Oksimer provide service for amateur and professional divers to inspect divers and to treat caisson disease.

Experience of More Than 20 Years

Oksimer has established the new branch in Avcılar (Oksimer Avcılar) in the beginning of 2007 in order to give service more people with the experience of more than 20 years.

Pioneer of Turkey in Hyperbaric

As a pioneer in hyperbaric sector, Oksimer moves forward with service quality, patient satisfaction, gracious personnel and technical infrastructure.