1How does this treatment work?
The %100 pure oxygen which is received by breathing passage in pressure chamber provides to work all cells in body.
2How much pressure is applied?
Depending on disease type, treatments are usually done at 2.5 ATA (1.5 Bar or 15 m).
3How many hours does a session last?
Depending on treatment protocol for each disease, sessions usually lasts 140-150 minutes.
4How many session heals my disease?
Every disease has a different character and treatment way. Number of sessions and pressure amount depend on disease. For this reason, our doctors examine all the patients before treatment and decide the number of session and treatment way.
5Should I have to attend treatment every day? How many sessions will I get in a day?
Most of our patients come for treatment once in a day, 5 days in a week. However, some of diseases can need 4 sessions in a day and 7 days in a week.
6I have a wound on my foot. Should it be open or bandaged?
This treatment is done by breathing oxygen. That’s why, your wound should be bandaged.
7Can I attend session any time I want?
Every session is done according to a time schedule. Patients should be in the center at least 15 minutes before the session. If the patient is not able to attend to session, should inform the responsible.
8Does pressure difference cause ache or sickness?
While chamber is pressurising, it is normal to feel stress in ears; same as air travels and getting on elevator. In case of not to make valsalva manoeuvre, ache may occurs. If there is any ache in ears, the responsible person should be informed to get help.
9Can an unconscious patient get hyperbaric therapy? How?
These kinds of patients are accepted to chamber by stretcher and respirator connection is done for provide breathing.
10If a patient feel claustrophobic while treatment is continuing, is it possible to leave chamber immediately?
Before getting this therapy, our doctors investigates all patient reports and the patients are accepted to therapy according to their health condition. If necessary, pacificatory drug can be given to the patient before the session. However, if the claustraphobic attack starts while treatment is continuing, responsible person can help patient in 3-5 minutes by equaling the pressures between main compartment and entry compartment.
11Do you have wound dressing?
Yes, we have wound care in our center in the presence of a specialist.
12Do you have any service for patient transfer?
Yes, we have patient transfer service for inpatients. In addition, we also have low-priced ambulance agreement for stretcher patients.
13Do you provide staying in center, while treatment process is going on?
No, our centers' working hours are between 08.00-18.00.
14Is it possible to eat or drink in chamber?
For a comfortable treatment, we reccomend all patients to eat before session.
15Do I have to attend therapy every day? What happens if I give a break for several days?
It depends on the health condition of the patient. This decision should be given by our specialist doctor.
16What should the patient pay attention after the session?
Patients who receives this therapy must not smoke to provide effectivity.