How Does HBO Therapy Work?

How Does HBO Therapy Work?

Mechanism of action in HBO therapy has 2 ways; - Direct effect of pressure, - Dissolved oxygen effect. Oxygen amount reaches 15 times more in all tissues and liquids and this effect reduces edema, kills bacterias, defuses toxines and supports immune system. The %100 pure oxygen which is received by breathing passage in pressure chamber provides to work all the cells.

What is Hyperbaric Therapy?

HBO Therapy is to breathe %100 Oxygen in a closed pressure chamber with more than 1ATA pressure (1 ATA = Atmosphere absolute = 760 mm Hg). Depending pressure chamber type, oxygen can be given to patients from ambient, mask or endotracheal tube.

Diseases Treated in HBO

In our country, the Ministry of Health's Indications for Hyperbaric Medicine Oxygen Therapy Implementing Regulation are:

- Chronic (resistant) bone inflammation

- Necrotizing soft tissue infections (subcutaneous, muscle, faecal)

- Radiation related injuries

- Holds suspicious skin grafts and fleets

- Thermal burns

- Acute osteomyelitis of the skulls, sternum and vertebrae

- Problematic injuries (diabetic foot, vascular occlusion, varicose veins etc.)


Therapeutic Diseases in HBO

Other indications in the world and in our country that have achieved successful results with the application of HBO therapy are:

- Tinnitus

- Facial paralysis (facial paralysis)

- Malignant otitis externa

- Multiple sclerosis

- Fracture healing and bone graft application

- Acute thrombotic and cerebrovascular ischemia (blockage in cerebral vessels etc.)