Oksimer Çapa

About Oksimer Çapa

Oksimer is a private hyperbaric oxygen therapy center which has been established in 1998. Since the day of establishing, Oksimer has been servicing thousands of patients who has non-healing wounds, osteitis, diabetic foot, sudden hearing loss, sudden vision loss and carbonmonoxide poisoning. Besides these; Oksimer provides diver treatments.

After Marmara Earthquake in 1999, more than 100 victims has been successfully treated by Oksimer Çapa.

Oksimer Çapa gives world class service by using Hitech Brand Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber. The hyperbaric chamber of Oksimer Çapa has (12+2) Patient Capacity. This chamber is powered by Hipertech.

In order to give high quality service to the patients, Oksimer has started to use Hipernet IT Infrastructure System.