Professional Diver Examination

Oksimer Professional Diver Examination

In professional divers, in addition to the amateur diving examination, a survey of the osteonecrosis of the area is required. The shoulder head, hip joint, and knee joints are checked with bilateral, special positions to see if there are any lesions. After the results are out, the person is entitled to receive a professional diver report.

Detailed review

All CVs, complaints of current illnesses, medications, habits, past surgeries, family history of diver are learned. After the anamnesis which is the most important step of the examination.

All system checks are done in detail. The lung capacity is then checked by the respiratory function test. The lungs are controlled by posterior anterior Lung Grafia. Necessary blood tests are performed. In these tests, those who have no problem are taken to pressure simulation in the pressure chamber.

After passing this test, diver candidate entitles to be a diver.